Winter in Aotearoa

A long dampness.


                             one leaf, one

                                       moment      kotahi ake te rau, kotahi

                                                                            ake te wā

Poem in English by Madeleine Slavick / Poem in Te reo Māori by Ra Smith. 

Part of the Family Tree Whakapapa exhibition. 

It is the bud I love and the after-flower.



The houses in this country

might walk off.

Or maybe a great wind will blow them off their plots.

Only the size they need to be,

as if less to defend, less to carry.


A season I love.

Autumnal, I word I love.


This is not a toy model

Farming is big business in New Zealand, and I live next door to a dairy farm. 

Every day, a tanker rattles down the road to collect the milk. 

The company motto: Dairy for life.


Two Shelters

I would like to wait for a bus here.